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Eco-Tourism in Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra Pradesh is endowed with a rich and varied Bio-diversity distributed over a mosaic of different habitats spread over the Eastern Ghats, the Deccan Plateau Region, the Coastal Mangroves, the Fresh Water bodies like Kolleru and Brackish water bodies like the Pulicat and the grasslands of Rollapadu. These varied habitats have been supporting a variety of animal and plant species ranging from the Tiger, Gaur, Elephant, Black Buck and a variety of Deers and Antelopes, besides a variety of birds, including the Great Indian Bustard, the Spot bill Pelican, the Lesser Florican and the near extinct Jerdon’s Courser. In addition to the above faunal species, the forests of Andhra Pradesh support about 5000 plant species consisting of species like Teak, Rosewood, Sandal Wood, and the endemic Red Sanders and Cycas beddomeii, etc.

Objectives of Eco-Tourism: 

Eco-Tourism is “A responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people”.

The primary objective of the Eco-Tourism is to show case the natural resource to different segments of the society, for viewing the nature and the natural processes for educational, recreational values and to propagate the message of environmental conservation.

To attract both domestic and foreign tourists by creating adequate infrastructure for accommodation, food and transport facilities in the Forest areas, Sanctuary areas and zoological gardens.


The main activities involved in Eco-Tourism are non-consumptive like Bird watching, Trekking, Nature trails, River rafting and more importantly mere watching of the scenic beauty of the Hills, Valleys, Meadows, Water bodies and the natural processes and learn to live in Nature. Eco-tourism also preaches the understanding and respecting various cultures and customs of people living in the area.

Role of A.P. Forest Development Corporation Ltd., in implementation of Eco-Tourism Project 

   The Government of AP has designated A.P. Forest Development Corporation Ltd., in G.O.Ms. No. 54 EFS&T (For.-II) Dept., Dt:26-6-2001, to implement the Eco-Tourism Projects in the Reserved Forests, Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks and Zoological Parks of the state. 

   The prime objective of these projects is to conserve the rich Biodiversity and propagate the message of environmental conservation to the people of Andhra Pradesh, by creating infrastructure facilities and visitor amenities by private participation. 

   In implementing the Eco-Tourism Projects the ownership of the land and all the assets created there on will remain with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, represented by APFDC, right from day one till the end of the Concession Agreement.

   The private Developer will develop the Project as per the components approved by the Govt. with limited visitor amenities and maintain and operate the same till end of the concession period.

Some of the Eco-Tourism Projects being developed by APFDC are -

Sri Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Botanical Garden: 

Located in Kothaguda R.F. Block on Kondapur – Gachibowli Road near the Hi-tec City, Madapur, Hyderabad. The Botanical Gardens is being developed over an area of 128.07 Acres to conserve the plant Bio-diversity and to develop a Gene Bank apart from promoting the environmental education, botanical research and also to act as a recreation centre with a project outlay of about Rs.188.94 crores.

It is proposed to develop  (18) Botanical Sectors exhibiting about 5000 species of plants collected through out sub-continent. Out of which, 3 sectors have been developed and opened to public viz., Aquatic, Cacti & Succulents and Ornamental Sectors in Phase-I development. The balance sectors are being developed through Private sector participation by the developer M/s. Delara Tourism Corporation Ltd. The Phase-I Botanical Garden opened to public is being maintained and operated by M/s. DTCL.


For entry and other details contact:
Administrative Officer,
SKVBR Botanical Garden Eco Tourism Park,
M/s.DTC Ltd.
Phone No: 040-20044278   Cell: 09848754792