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Consultancy Services

Corporation has undertaken consultancy services for raising plantations by public and private institutions like Osmania University, Hyderabad, National Thermal Power Corporation, Heavy Water Plant in Manuguru, Singareni Collieries Co. Ltd., Ordnance Factory in Medak District and M/s. My Home Power Ltd., Patancheru.
The following services are provided.
The Consultancy Wing of the Corporation will receive the applications with a fee of Rs.500/- (Non-Refundable) and survey the areas where the applicants desire raising of forest tree crops. Depending upon various factors, the project profile will be formulated with necessary details. Once the profile is accepted, the choice will be given to the applicant to follow any of the following alternatives:
  1. Preparation of project for implementation by the applicant themselves.
  2. Preparation of project and providing supervisory technical input by the Corporation.
  3. Project preparation and implementation of entire planting programme by the Corporation itself on behalf of the applicant.
Consultancy Services taken up by APFDC:
The Corporation has been providing Cosultancy Services in afforestion to the Industries such as NTPC, SCC, Heavy Water Plant, Ordnance Factory, ICRISAT etc. The Institutions where consultancy has been taken up are as follows:  

Name of the Institution
Type of Consultancy
Amount (Rs. in lakhs)
Nagarjuna Green Power Ltd.
Block Planting
NTPC, Ramagundam
Block and Avenue Planting
NTPC, Simhadri, VSP
Block Planting
National Urdu University, HYD
Garden and Land Scapping
NTPC, Visakhapatnam
Avenue Plantation
NTPC, Visakhapatnam
Avenue Plantation
HPCL, Visakhapatnam
Avenue Plantation

The Corporation with its vast experience in sale of forest produce, offers Marketing Services for the forest produce grown by individual farmers, institutions, public sector undertakings etc.
Many individuals have benefited out of the Marketing Scheme.
The persons desirous of availing this service have to apply to APFDC along with a fee of Rs.100/- (Non-Refundable). The survey of the tree crop raised by the applicant and the nature of the material available therein will be undertaken and necessary details will be furnished to the applicant.
Any of the following methods will be adopted for sale of produce.
  1. When the Corporation will undertake harvesting, transport, delivery and realization of the proceeds, as a package, service charges will be 20% of total sale proceeds plus expenses.
  2. When the Corporation only advises on the technique of harvesting the produce keeping in view various end users, the purchaser himself will harvest the crop and keep the same ready at site. The Corporation will identify the user, arrange for locating the purchaser and negotiating for the prices levying a fees of 15% of sale proceeds as above.
  3. If the Corporation acts as a liaison between the purchaser and the user industries matching them and finalising the costs on their own, it will be charging a fee of 10%.